Looking back on my life, I see that the counseling profession called me. When I was very young I would dream of owning my own orphanage (during those days you heard a lot about orphanages) and helping all the little children that had lost their parents. As I continued to grow I would read sad life stories, write tragic stories, and always felt inspired if I found someone who had faced much difficulty and had overcome it in their life.

When I headed to college I was determined that nursing was the way I could ease my need to help others in a profession, but I soon changed my major to Psychology and never looked back. I fell in love with the brain! I used my time volunteering at psych hospitals during my Junior and Senior years. When I graduated from college, I went to work at a Psych Hospital here in Phoenix. The work was difficult but I was successful at the hospital and received employee of the quarter several times in the three years I worked there for my ability to innovate new programs for the kids.

I stopped working at the hospital when I delivered my first set of twins at 26 years old. By 30, I delivered triplets and although I lost one of my darling boys at birth I left the hospital with two fragile babies. I spent years with my four babies learning to be a mom. I dealt with depression during the years as I adjusted to one of my son’s diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. I felt isolated and alone with my pain even though I wasn’t. I should have sought out counseling for myself but I had no idea where to go and I didn’t feel “bad enough” to pay for counseling.

Once my first set of twins headed to college I went back to school to get my Master’s in Counseling. My personal growth was at the point where I was very absorbent of new knowledge and I was at the place where I could fully surrender to the field. I started in community mental health and added more trainings to my knowledge. This year I decided I wanted to create a private practice that felt like a spa and made you feel healthy for getting help. I wanted to create someplace fresh and inspiring to work on yourself. I love Mind Helm and want it to be a place of growth and inspiration for many!

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