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As you were facing some difficult struggles in life the world shut down on you! Now you wonder if they really mean as much in this time of chaos and constantly changing rules. Guess what? You were not meant to struggle alone. Studies actually show that working through your struggles alone can increase your anxiety and desperation. Dealing with the upheaval of this time may have increased your anxiety as well.

You have been working hard at maintaining some sort of meaning in your life and you could really use support and encouragement to continue your hard work. It is a difficult and complex world right now with plenty of fear and anxiety spreading around faster than the virus itself. You might be questioning everything and feeling like it is difficult to cope. Or this time of isolation have brought out some difficult losses for you. I get it.

Talking about your problems to a therapist might feel scary at first but to have the benefits of an objective trained listener could just be what you need to start feeling better.

Mind Helm is here to help!!

How We Can Help

At Mind Helm you can work on family conflict, anxiety stress, struggles with feeling stuck, and relationships. To find out more about Gina just click below. Gina also hosts a Zoom class on Coping Skills with ways to mange emotions and stress of life.

About Gina

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It is easy to make an appointment. Give us a call and request a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit. We offer tele therapy using a secure simple platform as well.

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You might not feel like it today,
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Hi, I’m Gina

Licensed Professional Counselor

I think of myself as a Hope Holder. I can hold hope for you until you can hold it for yourself.

There are times in all of our lives where we start to feel hopeless, discouraged, and alone with the situation we find ourselves.

There are solutions to every situation. It takes identifying different alternatives and having insight into how our own actions increase our pain.

I can help you connect to your core values that will lead you to a hopefulness in relationships with yourself and others. It’s time to stop suffering alone.

Let’s take care of the most important things in your life.

More About Me

Gina D. Yanovitch, MS, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Individual Counseling

Have you felt like you could use someone to talk to
about difficult situations in your life? Maybe you
know there are things you need to address in your
life, but you’re not sure how or where to begin.
Together we can address all of these feelings and

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Couples Counseling

Are you feeling discouraged, disconnected, or
dismissed in your marriage? Do you and your
spouse have trouble talking to each other? Are you
tired of the constant bickering and no resolution?
Then this is the path for you. Discover new ways to
connect in your relationship.

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We have two forms of Telehealth. Skype sessions or an all Telehealth membership. Our Skype appointments are just like face to face only from the comfort of your home. Our Telehealth is a monthly charge and includes: 30-minute bi-monthly chats, homework, and check-ins.

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Ongoing Wellness Therapy

This is our wellness maintenance program. The
wellness stands for accountability just like the gym.
Live Well is here to help you maintain your growth
and your emotional health. Live well is a 30 min
check in once monthly. Think about Live Well as
your emotional health coach.

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Our Specialties

At Mind Helm, we understand that each situation is different and requires a different approach. We have several different specialities to meet you right where you are and help you begin your journey of healing. Here is a list of our specialities:


• Therapeutic Walks

• Christian Counseling

• Over Achievers with Anxiety

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EMDR trauma-focused therapy

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