Thanks for visiting Mind Helm! Let’s get to know each other a bit. I’m guessing you are here because you want to see if therapy would help you with whatever you are facing right now. The question always is, “Is therapy worth the investment of time and money? Am I really hurting that badly?”

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For some reason we believe that we have to be on the verge of a break down to actually go to therapy. In fact there is a study that shows that people wait up to 6 years before going in to see a therapist after they become aware that they could use help. That’s a LONG time to suffer alone. So let’s explore if therapy is right for you.


Therapy is a unique journey. I have gone to therapy myself (most good therapists have). What did I think about therapy? “It’s like a weird piece of candy!” On the one hand no one in my life has ever listened so intensely to me. And on the other hand I never felt so vulnerable. I still reflect back to conversations I had in that little room with my therapist. Somehow I still get new insights even though it has been a while since we last talked. I learned to trust in the process, experience being cared for by someone I didn’t know that well, looked at my thoughts from a different perspective, and allowed myself to feel what I felt without judging or being judged. It’s hard to describe therapy because it is a personal journey into yourself.


So now, are you worth the investment of time and money? How badly do you want a different life? How sick are you of this dull nagging pain that you have been trying to run from? What kind of person in relationship would you be if you worked on yourself? Could you start living up to your potential if you felt better about yourself? Are thoughts, behaviors, or anxiety and depression keeping you stuck and disconnected? Are you sick of repeating the same story in every relationship you get into? Could you be a gentler parent, wife, daughter/son, or friend? Could you expand yourself to love deeper and connect more securly? If you answered yes to any of those questions then I would say YOU are worth the investment.


I believe that therapy should have a part in offering new solutions to your struggles. I don’t believe that you come to therapy just too vent. I believe therapy should help you to discover new ways to deal with life, struggle, grief, and disappointment. I believe that therapy should help change how you see your world, how you see your struggles, and how you manage your feelings about both of those. You are stronger than you think, I can to help you find new strength.


I have several effective treatments from EMDR, guided imagery, therapeutic walks, mindfulness and emotionally focused couples therapy that can guide you to deeper knowledge of yourself and help you discover new ways to face life. I am also a health coach and believe in managing your struggles with natural remedies to assist your brain in developing more resilience and courage. I will offer you the most up to date tools and coping skills to face your struggles with a greater sense of confidence. I will assist you in caring for yourself like you are someone you care about, help you put words to your deepest feelings so you can express them with more precision and I will stand with you to fight the dark side of your personality that is holding you back.


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