What the heck is EMDR?

Back in 1987, Francine Shapiro was taking a walk in the park and realized eye movements appeared to decrease her negative emotions associated with stressful memories.

This started a vast amount of experiments, controlled studies, and discoveries.

Soon Shapiro discovered that it was not just eye movements alone that created the therapeutic effect, but a cognitive component was required as well.

She then developed a standard procedure that she called EMDR. Shapiro determined that the EMDR sessions desensitize anxiety associated with PTSD! What an amazing finding!

Proven highly effective

The easiest way to describe EMDR is that it is an interactive technique to relieve triggering experiences while the therapist directs eye movements. It is most useful for individuals who struggle to talk about their trauma and have underlying anxiety.

It is a safe treatment and comes without the side effects of prescription medications. EMDR does not work overnight and takes several sessions to fully resolve.

It is highly effective, and I am happy to offer it to clients.

If you have experienced trauma and have lasting PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, triggers, feelings of panic, sleep disturbances, etc consider the incredible benefits of EMDR.

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