What does it mean to change your thoughts? Can changing your thoughts on something actually have impact on your life? What do you think?
What old story would you have to give up in order to live a different life?
What thought or assumption would you have to let go of in order to change?
What contradictory behavior would you need to examine and challenge?

Change is difficult. I just recently read the book “Immunity to Change”. It discussed how we all have an immunity system that keeps us the same and blocks us from change. It discussed our hidden fears associated with letting go of the “protective behavior” that keeps us from the change we desire. There is a reason and a thought that we use (unconsciously) to keep all of our behaviors just as they are. Once you learn to test these assumptions and eventually learn to disprove the worries of letting go change will be possible.
What changes have you made that literally changed your life?

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