You have to be ready for therapy for it to make a difference.
It is important when you find a counselor that you feel like you connect,
that the therapist challenges you, and that you are ready to hear difficult realities.
You should always feel like you are growing when you are in therapy. It is not just a
time to chat. It is a unique relationship where you sit with another person, tell them
your deepest fears and struggles and learn how to proceed in a new more effective way.

Many times we have to heal before we can move forward or else our past takes up too much room in the present.
If you don’t heal from your past you continue to recreate what you had and think there is no way out. Facing the
path of healing is part of the journey. In counseling we find that people wait sometimes 6 years before they go into
therapy. That a long time to suffer alone.

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