Learning to listen and really hear what another person is saying is the best most connective gift you can give. I often hear parents tell me their young adult is not talking to them and definitely not listening to them. I often ask, “how are you doing at listening to them?” I am not saying approving of everything they talk about, or agreeing with everything but just listening. We often parent out of lecturing and feeding our kids with good advise. By the time they are young adults they know how you feel. What if you focused on listening. Trying to see if you actually heard what they are saying versus what you think they are saying. Quiet your own mind, set aside your judgements and defenses and see if you can just LISTEN. It might feel scary at first like, “they shouldn’t ___________” But to just be listened to is the most amazing gift you can give anyone. And guess what? It is inflation proof. 

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