New Years are always filled with resolutions. We usually have at least one resolution that centers around our health (usually to lose that extra weight we gained during the Holidays ?). Although getting in shape is a good thing, after a year like 2020, it’s time to make your mental health a priority. Each of us has suffered from some sort of mental health neglect over the last year. What better way to start a year of mental healing than taking a couple courses on improving your coping skills? This class has become popular and continues to get better with each passing semester. This semester starts on January 26th and ends on April 6th. ⁣

This year, we have a couple of options for how you can attend: ⁣
The in-person class option will be held at Scottsdale Bible Church on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11. You must register on SBC’s website for this option. You can also register for childcare if you need it! Click the link in my bio if you are interested in this option! ⁣

There is a virtual Zoom option also available if that works better for you! The Zoom classes will be everything we cover in the in-person classes. These classes will be held on Thursday mornings from 9:30-11. If you are interested in this option, feel free to DM me! ⁣

Let’s make this year about YOU being a better version of yourself! When life gets chaotic we can find our peace within. Live well! ⁣

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