Six paths toward emotional wellness

At MindHelm we offer six counseling paths each designed to move you toward a life of healthy relationships and emotional wellness.

Initial Assessment

Sessions are tailored just for you and your specific strengths and struggles. Gain new insights, self awareness and coping skills to help improve your relationships and bring more meaning to your life.

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Individual Counseling

Counseling can assist you in making healthier connections and identify unhealthy patterns that are keeping you stuck. Discovering your true wants, needs and values can help you align your choices with your true self. Change is possible!

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Counseling for Couples

Couple’s counseling can change everything about your current relationship. Being the best you can be is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another. Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.

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Counseling for Trauma

This is our most intensive sessions for trauma of all kinds. The sessions are 75 mins in length and the therapist uses EMDR to treat symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, or difficult set backs.

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Therapeutic Walk & Talk

This is individual counseling only side by side on a walk instead of in the office. In these session the therapist guides you through a therapeutic conversation while on a walk or jog opening new ways of processing old feelings.

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Christian Counseling

This is individual Christian Counseling. These sessions will encourage your spirituality as a highly affective coping skill and will allow you space to freely express your spiritual feelings without hesitation.

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Ongoing Wellness Therapy

This is our wellness maintenance program. The wellness stands for accountability just like the gym. After you have completed one of the 5 tracks Live Well is here to help you maintain your growth and your emotional health. Live Well is a 30 min monthly check in. Think about Live Well as your emotional health coach.

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