The Past Affects the Present…even without our awareness

The Traumatized Brain

Behind the eye and deep within the brain are images, thoughts, feelings, and body sensations of our past. Disturbing events can become stuck in the brain keeping it from processing in order to heal from that event or events. This can cause emotional discomfort, flashbacks, irritability, stress, anxiety, etc.

Trauma can alter your brain’s ability to function normally by altering function in three important areas. (1) The thinking center (Prefrontal Cortex) is underactivated, (2) the emotional regulation center (anterior cingulate cortex) is underactivated, and (3) the FEAR center (amygdala) is overactivated.

All this means is that if you have experienced trauma you may experience higher levels of stress, vigilance, fear, and irritation. You may also have a difficult time feeling safe and calm. At the same time you might experience difficulty concentrating, focusing on details, and be unable to think with clarity. Many times survivor’s report feeling incapable of managing their emotions, having difficulty letting go of minor annoyances, and being easily spooked.

These are all signs that the brain is struggling to process the trauma you have experienced. You might be feeling hopeless as you strive to continue with your life. EMDR can help your brain rewire itself back to functioning normally opening the door to healing.

How It Works

Before EMDR therapy begins your therapist will teach you body-mind coping skills, grounding techniques, and mindfulness tools that can support the healing of your brain. You will gain insight on how to care for the traumatized brain during the healing process.

EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) is a widely studied trauma focused therapy developed by Francine Shapiro and can open the door to healing your traumatized brain. EMDR does not require talking about the details of the actual trauma. During an EMDR session the client is asked to think of the trauma and describe what they experience. This gives the brain time to think without judgement and fosters the processing.

How Can I Get Started?

If you are experiencing symptoms of trauma or multiple traumas EMDR is an accelerated alternative to talk therapy. I can help you by offering you the best quality care in the area. With the support you need and the best trauma focused therapy you can be on your road to healing. Let’s talk and see how to take you from suffering to healing.

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